The story of this blog…

April 29, 2015
Unlatinoverde at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

These are the simple and humble beginnings of my blog. When these words were written in late April 2015, there were no pages nor other posts, so this was the first post ever. Since then we have covered destinations in Europe, South America, and North America. Unlatinoverde is now active on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Affimity, The Bing Bing and LinkedIn. 

Unlatinoverde- it all began here…

The First Words Published Were…

After years of working overseas, I have finally decided to document my travels. This summer I will go to South America and I also get to visit New York City (my first time stateside). I have decided to dedicate my blog to my travels in Latin America and the countries of Southern Europe, so I will also include features on Spain and Portugal with a focus on providing some useful travel information for would-be travellers to each destination, as well as giving a flavor of each place to those less fortunate souls who can only travel in their dreams.

Who am I and why ‘Un Latino Verde’?

I am a fairly ordinary professional who sometimes wonders where the joy in life has gone, but although I may now be 24 the wrong way round, I still love to learn new languages and discover new places. Towards the end of my four-year tour of duty in Milan, a truly awful city with a great cathedral, an Italian colleague told me she doubted I would spend much time in my current assignment (in the far north). She said I was ‘too much of a Latino at heart for better or for worse’.

Given that I am originally from the Emerald Isle, I guess that makes me ‘un Latino verde’.

Since then…

20 reasons to visit Barcelona

We have visited Mediterranean Spain

image of Shakespeare and Co. in Paris

Been to Paris before the terrorist attacks


Rainy day outside Rustic Stone in Dublin

Had rainy days in Dublin and Waterford

Bus on Boat at Lake Titicaca in Bolivia

Enjoyed the wonders of travel in Bolivia

View of The Devil's Throat at Iguassu un Brazil

Got wet at Iguazu in Argentina and Brazil and fallen in love with New York (see below)

Urban art and iconic image in New York City

An iconic image reimagined and viewed from The High Line


And this only a selection! What can the next year bring at

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