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December 19, 2016

Mobile phones. Tablets. Ipads.  Technology is revolutionising every aspect of our lives. Today I can sit in café in Peru and post a photo to my Instagram account. Moments later someone is viewing the same image in Poland. Remember those bulky Lonely Guides sitting on the bar tables on the Khao San Road in Bangkok? Increasingly rare. How about when you would study the maps to try to figure out how to get to that quirky museum you had read about? Did you ever think that one day the map would come alive and guide you there?

A new player in the travel industry


Integrated maps to guide you…

Today this dream has become reality with a new travel app- GPSMyCity. This piece of software takes a travel article, integrates GPS maps and provides the user with a self-guided tour. Everything is at their fingertips. How does it work? Simply download the app onto your iPhone or your Android and you are ready to go. Then, choose your destination of choice. GPSMyCity users can access over 5,500 different in 700 cities around the world. Whether you are in Brussels or Buenos Aires, there is sure to be a GPS travel article to suit your interest or your tastes.

Why should I sign up for this?


All the information you need at the touch of your fingertips 

Think of how much you spend on bus tours as you try to get oriented in a new city. GPSMyCity lives up to its slogan- Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost. Instead of paying over $20 for that Hop On Hop Off Bus, this travel app gives you the freedom to follow your own interest, to choose a themed walk that reflects who you are and then to explore at a minimal cost. You will pay a few cents for this instead of the big bucks that you might otherwise pay for a guided tour. In fact, you might even say that GPSMyCity will enable you to become the independent traveller that you have always dreamed of being.  What greater pleasure can there be than to be able to navigate a new city at your own pace?


How does it work?

Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to access the thousands of available articles. Needless to say, you won’t have to worry about being able to find the places of interest in the articles because the app will guide you to each one. Features of the software include location bookmarking on maps, turn by turn walking directions between sights and a ‘FindMe’ feature that will enable you to locate your exact position on the map. Worried about needing an expensive roaming package to use the software on your phone? No need. Offline maps are also available on the software and will guide you even when you have no access to the Internet.


No need to have Internet access 

Free Giveaways

We are delighted to have been asked to contribute some articles to GPSMyCity, so starting on the December 19th, 2016 (for one week only) it will be possible to download and upgrade the following travel apps for free:

A Hipster’s Guide to Dublin’s Best Coffee and Cafés

Discover the Culture and Traditions of La Paz, Bolivia

This will give you the opportunity to test the claims of the software and to experience first-hand the benefits of using travel apps. Although the concept may first seem new and strange to you, once you start to use travel apps, you will soon wonder why you haven’t been using them before.

How do I take advantage of the giveaway?

Click on the link to the article or articles above and you will be taken to a link where you will be able to download the GPSMyCity app for free. Once you have completed the download you will be taken to the page for the individual article app. Click on ‘Upgrade’ at this point and the app will link to the GPS navigator and the offline map. Whether it’s the hipster café scene in Dublin or the culture scene in the Bolivian capital, you will be ready to embark upon a new and enhanced travel experience.

Don’t wait…Become an independent traveller 21st Century-style right now!

Should you decide that you would like to see more, then the full version of the following is available for download at a cost:

Rainy Day Ireland, Waterford: Vikings, Crystal and Coffee

Rainy Day Dublin- 8 top places 

Grey Day Lima- La Ruta del Café



Choose the tour you want…

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