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January 2, 2018

The Journey Through 2017 at

Photographic highlights of tourist spots in Peru and Bolivia

The best of Peru and Bolivia

January 1st last year marked the first full calendar year in the life of this website. It was also the beginning of a new journey: life away from the cocoon. As anticipated at the time, being an independent, self-hosted site meant a lot more freedom in terms of design. On the other hand, it seems to only be now that my vision for this website is starting to truly take shape. By January 10th this year, every post and page should finally look the way I want. Like everything else, this has taken time. 

Despite starting to record many of my new travel experiences, it was some of the older posts that proved to be more successful with readers. In particular, readers seem to return to posts about Bolivia and Peru. 

The Sacred Valley in Peru proved a perennial hit in 2017. Will it remain as popular in 2017 or will some of the newer posts supplant it?

Similarly, although my trip to Bolivia was in 2015, a post explaining the reasons to visit Sucre continues to attract attention two years on. 

Fittingly, the most popular new post this year was an itinerary for travellers to Bolivia and Peru. 

Best of Latin Travel in 2017


Needless to say, the website is only an online expression of real life adventures. Thankfully, those have been plentiful this year. Being based in Italy means that I have many travel opportunities just outside my front door. In fact, at times I feel as if I ignore my home here in order to concentrate on far-flung destinations. Yet, slowly but surely, I’m starting to give more coverage to the country. This is true in terms of actual travel as well as online posts and pages. As a result, the Italy page appeared towards the end of the year. 

View of the Amalfi Coast from a boat

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

In a similar vein, 2017 was the year when I fell in love…with Rome. Consequently, there were two visits- one in the spring that led to a longer and more in-depth trip before Christmas.These trips inspired a 24-hour itinerary post and another article that explains how to visit the sights of ancient Rome without the crowds. However, there are still plenty of Roman travel tips left to share. 

Arches and columns of the Roman Forum

View of the Roman Forum

Best of Latin Travel in 2017

Latin America

People on the main street of Salento, Colombia

Enjoy the atmosphere of Salento, Colombia

Colombia was the hottest destination in the Americas in 2017, so it’s hardly surprising that Unlatinoverde visited the country in the summer. To date, there have been articles about what to expect on a first visit to Bogota, as well as some of the highlights of the Coffee Triangle such as Salento and the off-the-beaten-track National Heritage town of Salamina. Being adventurous, Unlatinoverde also visited the stunning wax palm forest at Valle de la Samaria

Coffee drinkers might also take a look at the range of coffee travel experiences available in the country. 

Along with Colombia, Ecuador was also on the travel menu during the year. As a result, there have already been articles on Quito and the coffee experiences available in northern Ecuador. In the case of both countries, there is still a lot more in the pipeline for 2018.

Best of Latin Travel in 2018 

As a preview of what’s in store for the year ahead, Unlatinoverde hosted a collaboration with a number of Latin American travel experts who shared their destination tips for 2018. Make sure to look for the Latin destination that best suits your travel requirements right here

Interestingly, Lonely Planet named Chile as its Number 1 destination worldwide for 2018. 

Chile wasn’t the only South American destination to figure in the Lonely Planet tips for the year ahead. La Paz in Bolivia came in at Number 4 on their best value destination list

Five Top Latin Travel Tips for 2018

1. Seville

The main city in Andalusia is Lonely Planet’s top urban destination choice for 2018. With its incredible Moorish cathedral, the largest in Europe, and its fascinating links with the Americas, Seville is indeed a city that is worthwhile visiting in 2018 and beyond.

2. Argentina has declared 2018 the year to visit Latin America. Among the recommended destinations is Argentina, which it terms ‘an exciting, versatile country with something to offer for all tastes and travelers.’ Like Thisisinsider, Unlatinoverde also advises a trip to Iguazu Falls, one of the most spectacular sights on the planet. 

3. Mexico 

Travellers rave about the variety of sights and experiences in Mexico. It’s also a destination that foodies adore. Like Argentina, Thisisinsider also recommends a visit in 2018. 

2. Nicaragua 

It was as I biked down Death Road in Bolivia a number of years ago that I first heard of Nicaragua’s attractions as an adventure travel destination. Hiking up volcanoes, kayaking, surfing: Nicaragua is a paradise for active vacationers. More and more travellers trumpet its attractions. 

    1. Guatemala

Even though Guatemala has its detractors, it’s also a country that inspires passion. Some would argue that its mix of scenery and Mayan culture make it one of the greatest destinations in the Americas. 

Unlatinoverde in 2018

With hot destinations such as Chile, it was tempting to return to South America. However, after three years, it’s now time to see something new. Apart from return trips to Spain and France, 2018 will see many new destinations in Central America. The trip is already booked. I land in Nicaragua and fly out of Guatemala. 

Should I visit El Salvador, Honduras, Belize or Mexico? What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment or send your recommendations by email to

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