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Unlatinoverde at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Welcome to an amazing planet! started as a vacation project back in 2014. Read more about the origins and mission of this website right here. However, it has moved on a lot since then. This website has a focus on travel (in southern Europe, South and Central America) and coffee.

Unlatinoverde Now

Today, has an established presence on social media. Follow the links below:






In addition to the work appearing on this website, I have also contributed to, the Latin-flavoured website of the award-winning blogger, Emily Luxton.

Click here to see the article- Ten Reason Why You Shouldn’t Miss La Paz On Your Trip To Bolivia 

Five articles from this website are now available as downloadable travel apps from

A Hipster’s Guide to Dublin’s Best Coffee and Cafes

Rainy Day Ireland, Waterford: Vikings, Crystal and Coffee

Rainy Day Dublin- 8 Top Places

Discover the Culture and Traditions of La Paz, Bolivia

Grey Day Lima- La Ruta del Cafe

Who can contribute?

Although the posts and pages here are my own original content, I am always looking for features related to the themes of this blog- Latin travel and coffee. If you would like to submit a story for publishing here, send me an email to

What’s in this for you? 

You will be given full credit for your story, which I will publish with links to your website, along with biographical details. The article will also appear on the social media channels mentioned above. All photos published as part of the article will remain your property and will not be reused without your prior permission.

Although I may choose to edit the story prior to publishing, I will discuss all changes with you.


At present, this website does not accept advertising. However, if you are a business and you would like to use the services of this website, this can be discussed as long as the adverts do not detract from the quality of the reader’s experience. See contact details below.

Sponsored posts 

I am open to working with you to share the details or experience of visiting a destination/ hotel/ airline/ café as long as my ethical concerns are addressed. This website will not intentionally misrepresent destinations or services to its readers.See contact details below.

Contact Me 

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you want to share an opinion or an experience. You can also mail me at I would love to hear your feedback, both positive feedback, and constructive criticism. 

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