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Should you go to La Paz or Sucre?

La Paz or Sucre? The vacation is planned and the tickets are bought, but you can only realistically visit one of these two Bolivian cities. The nagging question is just that- which one?  Reading guidebooks and blogs you learn that La Paz is uniquely…

October 8, 2016
San Buenaventura street near Rurrenabaque
Travel South America

Off The Beaten Track In The Bolivian Amazon 

  ‘It’s going to be quiet’, the German girl remarks. I am sitting on a glorified canoe between Rurrenabaque, the tourist nerve center of the Bolivian Amazon, and its tiny sister, San Buenaventura. We are among a handful of tourists making the short journey…

January 13, 2016
view from recoleta in sucre
Travel South America

5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre claims to be the capital of Bolivia and it is the city where the nation first asserted its independence. Quiet, laid back and removed from the bustle of La Paz, it is a place where travellers stop far longer than they originally intended.…

January 11, 2016

Discover the Culture and Traditions of La Paz, Bolivia

  The only street in La Paz to have kept its colonial character, those who stay closer to the action in the Sagarnaga area often overlook Calle Jaen. With cobblestones that practically sing the stories of old Alto Peru, it is a gem that…

October 9, 2015
Travel South America

5 Top Highlights of Travel in Bolivia

A land of contrasts that sometimes divides opinion, Bolivia is often the highlight or lowlight of a trip to South America.  Contradictions abound in a country where soaring peaks sit cheek by jowl with shanty towns. Bolivia combines bone-jarring bus rides and avant-garde public…

October 2, 2015
Adventure travel

A Visit to an Amazon Community

Amazon Day 1: San Miguel del Bala It is 10pm and as I lie in bed the only light comes from the face of my watch. All around me is pitch black. Although I can see nothing, I can hear the noises of the…

July 20, 2015
Travel South America

Lake Titicaca- Birthplace of the Incas

Lake Titicaca is referred to as to as the birthplace of the Inca civilization. This was the first area to domesticate llamas and alpacas in Pre-Inca times and the Incas believed that Isla del Sol was the birthplace of their culture. Travel- it’s the…

July 15, 2015