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View of Ventian mask display in window
Travel Europe

48 Hours in Venice: See the City Off Season

Venice is known as La Serenissima or The Most Serene One in Italian. Shaped like a fish, this is a true maritime city that sometimes feels as if it is not on the water, but in the water. As such, the changeable climate gives…

April 10, 2017
Coffee and Coffee Travel

Grey Day Lima- La Ruta Del Café

Neither Lima nor its surroundings would win any beauty contests. However, this is a city that thrills foodies and it is the capital of a major coffee producing country. Discover La Ruta del Café and uncover Lima’s best coffee and cafés.…

July 25, 2016
Travel South America

Cuzco, Peru- Love or Hate?

This vacation in Peru has not been without its challenges- the luggage that went on its own separate trip to Madrid, the freezing cold of Colca Canyon and the subsequent flu, not to mention the ‘Great South American Bus Journey‘. And these are just…

July 7, 2016
street art in waterford
Travel Europe

Rainy Day Ireland, Waterford: Vikings, Crystal and Coffee

Ireland’s oldest city, Waterford, is often overlooked in the mad rush west to the Wild Atlantic Way.  The economic slump of 2008 hit hard and the subsequent recovery has been anaemic. However, the city is a place of history and culture that definitely deserves…

March 30, 2016
Coffee and Coffee Travel

The Coffee Scene in Paris: Le Renouveau

A few weeks ago I was researching the coffee scene in Paris, not realizing that a short time later people sitting in restaurants and bars would be the target of machine gun attacks. On reflection, although the timing could be better, I feel that…

November 20, 2015
Travel Europe

48 Hours in Gothenburg- City Break

  Gothenburg, historically considered the main port of Scandinavia, is Sweden’s second city. Unsurprisingly, given its past, the city has maintained a maritime feel and it is only a short hop to a delightful coastline that can be visited cheaply. Here are some ideas and tips to help visitors make…

October 14, 2015

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