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View of Ventian mask display in window
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48 Hours in Venice: See the City Off Season

Venice is known as La Serenissima or The Most Serene One in Italian. Shaped like a fish, this is a true maritime city that sometimes feels as if it is not on the water, but in the water. As such, the changeable climate gives…

April 10, 2017
Travel Europe

How to Make the Most of Rome in 24 Hours

Caput Mundi! The capital of the world! This is the Latin name that the ancient Romans gave to their city. Of course, it is no longer the centre of a great empire. However, make no mistake, it is still a stunning travel destination. In…

March 18, 2017
Travel Europe

How to Make the Most of the Italian Lakes

Picture narrow gorges with towering cliffs, islands rich in history and art, castles jutting out into blue waters and you are at the lakes (in your imagination, at the very least). Como, Maggiore and Garda have long attracted the wealthy jet set; the…

February 6, 2016
view fron san marco square in venice
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How to Enjoy Your Trip to Venice- Ten Travel Tips 

Venice or ‘La Serenissima’, as it was known in Italian, dominated the Mediterranean for centuries. Even today just crossing the causeway from the mainland is like stepping into another world. The city overflows with history and unique maritime traditions. For once the superlatives of…

October 19, 2015