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The Great South American Bus Adventure 

The idea of a bus journey in South America fills me with a mix of dread and fear. Last year I was promised a luxury ride from Sucre to La Paz complete with TV, bathroom, and heat. Instead, the lights were turned off outside…

July 3, 2016
Culture Travel

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This post is a new departure on my blog. An article about travel memories, it represents a change from the information-based listicle or destination page. The idea came to me on a grey Swedish day as I skimmed through photos on my Facebook account. Many…

January 17, 2016
Travel Europe

Ten things you may love to hate about France

France may be one of the planet’s most visited countries. Its capital may be a symbol of love, romance and chic. But it can also be frustrating and tedious at times. Much as tourists may marvel at its beauty, they will also rant at its…

December 2, 2015